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Look out Indianapolis

The Ravens are coming to town.

After a 33-14 beatdown of the Patriots, where Joe Flacco only needed to complete 4 of 10 passes for 34 yards, Indianapolis is up next.

The Ravens did exactly what they needed to do; go to their strengths of defense and the ground game.  They played physical, and simply whooped a damn good team.

Suggs made an appearance, with the strip early in the game, and a couple of solid tackles defending the run.  Ray Rice and Willis McGahee are both fresh, strong, fast, and tough to bring down.  Flacco is obviously hurt (and it’s worse than anyone let on), they’ll need him healthy in case they have to try to come from behind; the game plan better be to make sure they don’t need to do that. Even the secondary played really well, although I think Randy Moss was playing hurt. (Edelman can come play on our team any time he wants.  That guy has some heart.)

That game made up for all of the down games this season, and there’s a lot of optimism among Ravens fans this morning.

I think the Ravens match up well against Indianapolis.  They showed earlier this year they can hold them to 17 points; this time they just need to score a touchdown.

[And how about that Arizona/Green Bay game!  One more example of why I detest the NFL sudden death OT, but that was something else]

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