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Education By Housekeeper

Our housekeeper is from Poland. She gives an excellent 5 minute talk on socialized medicine. I can not do her accent justice, but I will try to sum it up:

Is okay for the rich people, and is okay for the very poor people, but for the working people, they take half of the money you earn at your job, and you have to wait six months for a CAT scan unless you pay them more.

Of course, I’m sure the people in the US who will eventually run our health care system are much smarter and much less corrupt than the people who run the Polish system; you can tell by the complete lack of corruption in government as it stands now.

She also has a much better understanding of the Second Amendment to the Constitution than virtually anyone I’ve ever met.

We could not have the guns, and sometimes, the police and the military were not on our side.


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