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Well done, RNC

If you pay any attention at all to what I say, you know that I am not a Republican.  While I most certainly do not support President Obama in his reelection bid, I will not vote for Mitt Romney either, as I believe they are two sides of the same coin.  (I’m supporting Gary Johnson, who, while certainly not perfect, at least will stop killing innocent people in the pursuit of the wars on drugs and terror.)

I also don’t pay as much attention to the partisan back and forth as I once did.  I used to be a political junkie, interested in not only the messages, but the political machinery as well.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the machine is a big part of the problem.

Alas, I do appreciate a really good political message.  This is one of them.  Take two minutes.

In 2008, the only thing people had were the words.  This time, there’s a record.  Yet we’re getting the same words.

I remain convinced President Obama will be reelected.  If the RNC is to prove me wrong, they will need more of this, because this is pretty powerful.



More Change ™.

Election watchdogs have fined Joe Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign more than $219,000 for sloppy bookkeeping and accepting excessive contributions, including a discounted flight on a private jet.

The audit was released Friday by the Federal Election Commission.

It determined that the Biden campaign accepted an illegal corporate contribution in the form of a round-trip flight between New Hampshire and Iowa in June 2007 for three people. The Biden campaign paid GEH Air Transportation $7,911 for the first-class airfare, but regulators say the campaign should have paid the charter rate of $34,800.

The FEC also found that the Biden campaign received at least $106,000 in donations that were over the limit, and the campaign was ordered to pay the U.S. Treasury more than $85,000 for stale-dated checks.

The Biden campaign also failed to disclose more than $3.7 million in payments and roughly $870,000 in debts.

The good news is that this is commonplace.

Elizabeth Alexander, a spokeswoman for Biden in the vice president’s office, on Saturday said the campaign would pay the fines.

“Some repayment is commonplace after presidential campaign audits and the repayment ordered here is relatively small. Payment is due to the Treasury 30 days after the FEC issues its formal ruling and Biden for President will comply with that,” she said.

Everyone who put these people in office should be embarrassed every time they hear or read the word “Change”… as the rest of us told you, this Administration had nothing to do with “Change”; they are politicians, who will do and say anything to get elected.  Think about what’s Changed ™; looks to me like a lot of those ‘failed policies’ are still in place.

Um. Wow.

Representative Dianne Watson (D) of California, gushing over, well, murderers.

Via the agitator

James Carville, not as smart as you think

According to CNN, James Carville thinks the Democrats in the Senate should force a Republican filibuster  of health care “reform”.

“What about this?,” Carville said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, “Suppose they pass a House bill that can get 56 Senate Democrats.” Then, Carville suggested, instead of using reconciliation, a special budgetary maneuver in Senate procedure that frustrate GOP attempts to mount a filibuster, Democrats should call for a vote. “And make [Republicans] filibuster it. But the old kinda way is that they filibuster it and make’em go three weeks and all night and [Democrats] will be there the whole time.

“Then, you say, ‘They’re the people that stopped it. We had a majority of Democrats. We had a good bill. They stopped it.’”

How can anyone, much less a professional political hack like Carville, not recognize what would happen?  There’s a bipartisan movement happening, and it’s against ObamaCare, not for it.  Even if there were 56 votes in the Senate (and I’d be surprised if there were 46), these folks have to understand that voting for the bill as written will assure this will be the last term for many of them.

It’s happened before.

The Democratic strategist also rejected any comparison between the Clinton administration’s failed efforts at health care reform in 1994 and the Obama administration’s efforts now.

Democrats “pulled the plug,” Carville said, on health care reform in August of 1994, just months before the mid-term election where Republicans took control of the House. Now, “this is August of the year before the election,” Carville said.

“Make’em filibuster it and then run against a do-nothing Congress [in 2010],” the former aide to Bill Clinton and longtime ally of both Clintons told CNN’s John King.

While the American public isn’t known for it’s long memory, on this issue, I think timing isn’t going to matter. 

His wife, seems to better get it, I think.

“He’ll be fine but the Democrats in Congress won’t. And you’re already hearing Democrats in Congress saying, ‘This is déjà vu. This is what happened with Bill Clinton. He makes us walk the plank and then we lose’ — as they did . . . in 1994,” the Republican strategist said.

Matalin also predicted that like Mr. Obama’s approval rating would bounce back after losing his Democratis House majority in 2010, just like Clinton’s did after the 1994 election.

Of course, that’s the best possible solution.  A President that reminds Republicans that they are the ‘small government’ party, and their control of the purse strings.  Getting as little as possible done isn’t at all a bad thing; just ask Bill Clinton.

An open letter to my Republican friends:

If you are pinning your hopes on Sarah Palin, get ready for a nice long run as the minority party.

Which, in a Center/Right nation, says a lot.

She’s a kook, a bit of a doofus, and has issues with ethics.  Sure, she’s ‘folksy’, and since Reagan was ‘folksy’, you may think there’s some substantive likeness to the Gipper.  There isn’t.  Reagan was a brilliant politician, and outstanding leader (both motivationally and strategically), and a great communicator.  Ms. Palin is none of those things.

So, my friends, my advice to you is to drop her now, and work on finding high level candidates who have more shot at actually getting elected.  Like, maybe, this guy.

Just curious

Where does the Constitution say the President can do this?

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