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Quote of the Day

Via Jim Wendler:

Why are you afraid to eat food? Eating doesn’t make you fat. Carbs don’t make you fat. Bad choices make you fat. Don’t make bad choices.

Apply that to everything, not just eating… good advice, huh?

Quote of the Day

Today, it comes from George Will’s column in the Washington Post

In 2008, Democrats ran as Not George Bush. In 2010, they ran as Democrats. Hence, inescapably, as liberals, or at least as obedient to liberal leaders. Hence Democrats’ difficulties.

When the Left is honest about what they really want to do, they lose national elections (and they win local ones in some places, which is how it should be).


Quote of the day

Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek:

…it’s childish to imagine that we can turn any aspect of our lives over to politicians without inevitably subjecting that aspect of our lives to politics.

There’s no need for any other argument against government action, is there?

Quote of the day, Ego edition

From Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek.

Yes, egos are at work in markets.  But egos are no less at work in the public sector.  The big difference is that the egos at work in markets spend their own money and deal with other people consensually.  The egos at work in government spend other people’s money and deal with other people at gunpoint.

Quote of the Day, Rippetoe Edition

From this fantastic article

I may be trying to piss up a rope here, but you guys have to get realistic about these things and quit letting the physique magazine/supplement industry make you stupid.

Read it all, please.

Quote of the Day, Polish Edition

Today’s QotD comes from our housekeeper. Magda moved to the US from Poland several yeas ago. In Poland, she was a professional (an accountant, I think). Here, she cleans houses for about $20 an hour. In Poland, she had access all the grand services of European Socialism, including, of course, healthcare.  She came here to better her life.

She asked my wife what she thought about the health care bill passing, and after my wife’s response, she said:

It will be just like at home.  If you need something special, like an MRI, you will have to wait a year.  It’s OK for regular things, but for special, you need to pay to get care faster.

There’s a reason people give up their lives and leave their homeland to move here.  There’s a reason people risk their lives to travel 90 miles in the water using not much more than an inner tube to get to our shores.

We are slowly getting rid of those reasons.  When they’re gone, where will people run to freedom?

Quote of the Day, healthcare edition

Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek says

Putting any part of the economy into the hands of politicians is like putting the space program into the hands of astrologers.

And no, I’m not surprised at Donna Edwards lack of intelligence.

Quote of the day

Today’s QOtD comes from the awesome Karen De Coster.

But you see, veganism is all about hating people, hating progress, hating freedom, and hating life. They are all a bunch of depressed, angry, unhealthy, gaunt, bored pissants.

Quote of the week

From Seth Godin’s blog today

You don’t have to like competition in order to understand that it exists. Your fair share isn’t going to be yours unless you give the public a reason to pick you.

Quote of the day (well maybe the century)

From Bastiat

Everybody wishes to live at the expense of the state, but they forget that the state lives at the expense of everybody.

Fitting huh?

Reminder via Cafe Hayek

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