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Today’s comes from Radley Balko of TheAgitator.com

I think America would be a better place if more people were more rude to more politicians more often.

I agree.

Quote of the day

Another one from the jerkstore.

I think the best indicator that you are an ineffective manager is when you have been nicknamed “Captain Dipshit” by your subordinates.

Quote of the day

Comes from Dave Tate at Elite Fitness Systems

Business, like training, is based on results. The strategy, program, structure, plan and training don’t mean shit if at the end of the month you have not gotten better. Worse yet, if you or your business does not get better, and you don’t change something then who’s to blame?

It’s your strength, body, business, job, etc. If it is not advancing, getting better or moving forward, then get the hell off your ass and start changing something.

Quote of the Day

It’s actually from last week, but I’m behind on my reading.

Only someone who has never had the responsibility for managing anything could believe he could manage just about everything.

Thomas Sowell, in an interview with Reason. Take the time to read the entire thing.


From CoyoteBlog

Obama is every bit as unaware of his inability to achieve his goals through shear force of will in domestic policy as GWB was in foreign policy.


From QandO:

The UN – your third-world debating club at work.

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