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So our crazy little Libertarian movement loses another possible standard bearer.

Some of those same pastors started to get to know Paul in January during a tour of Christian holy sites in Israel. The trip included clergy members and activists — including the chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party — from states with early influence in the presidential primaries.

Some who traveled with Paul, a Methodist, said they engaged in deep conversations with him about the Bible and his faith. Several of the pastors said they are still assessing the senator’s views.

“Straight libertarianism has nothing Christian about it,” said pastor Brad Sherman of the Solid Rock Christian Church in Coralville, Iowa, a participant in the Israel trip. “I know a lot of people attribute him to be a libertarian. My impression so far is that he’s not as libertarian as possibly his father was, but I’d like to explore that more.”

Sherman got that chance Friday when he joined other clergy members at the Cedar Rapids lunch to pose pointed questions to Paul. He said he came away liking what he heard. “He made it very clear that he does not support legalization of drugs like marijuana and that he supports traditional marriage,” Sherman said.

While Paul certainly wasn’t the perfect Libertarian candidate, he was so much better than anyone the Red or Blue teams had come up with for a long time.  Alas, he’s now just another statist who has to rally the base.  Still probably the best of a host of poor alternatives, but that’s not saying much.


This… this is just CRAZY TALK

An overnight taste of freedom

If Rand Paul is successful (or doesn’t cave), we might just have 7 hours of freedom overnight tonight.

The Senate voted to end debate on the measure, but Sen. Paul, a Kentucky Republican, is insisting the Senate debate the measure for a full 30 hours, which would extend beyond the midnight expiration. Mr. Paul’s tactic is procedural: By not agreeing to a request for unanimous consent to yield back debate time, he can insist the debate continues until 7a.m. Friday, past the midnight expiration of the provisions. Mr. Paul, a libertarian who opposes the Patriot Act, could change course and allow a vote before the provisions expire.

Little steps, I guess.  The Patriot Act is unconstitutional. The Patriot Act has yet to catch a terrorist; mostly drug users and people who failed to fill out forms properly.  Here’s to Senator Paul holding tough and going against his party to bring attention to freedom.

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