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Real Resolution

It’s December 26, and we’re all just winding down from the holiday; many of us have another short (or no) work week in front of us. Lots of folks take this time to do planning and goal setting for the new year. Perhaps they ‘make resolutions.’

I have a challenge for everyone. Today, take one of those things, one thing on your list of things to do or start in 2010, and do it. Now.

Planning to start a diet next year to lose some weight? Why wait? Start today. If you’ve got a party on New Year’s Eve, go and enjoy it! You’ll still be a week ahead of the game. Want to start hitting the gym in the new year? Why wait?! Go today and sign up and get started.

Want to sign up for a class, or start saving more money, quit smoking, or buy that pair of shoes? Do it today. There’s nothing special about next weekend, other than a number on a calendar.


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