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Groundbreaking and Earth Shattering Journalism

Or, why I don’t read Slate any more.  I’m late to seeing this (because I don’t read Slate any more), but stumbled across their shocking revelation that someone censors comments on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.


These daring scribes found that nearly 10% of all comments are deleted for being mean, racist, or otherwise damaging to the Palin brand.

Again.  Wow.

I don’t have 2 million followers on Facebook, I have about 220.  I am not a politician and those 220 people are actual, you know, friends, so there isn’t much Paul bashing on my Facebook page.  But you better damn well believe I have and will delete comments that can damage my reputation, or comments that want to start an argument that I don’t want to have in public.

10% of my comments?  Nope.  But somewhere between 1% and 5% for sure.  And I do it quickly, too.

I wonder why they didn’t do this analysis on a Democrat.

Link via Permdude


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