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The “Are You Serious?” moment of the day

Mommies want to ban ice cream vendors from parks in NYC

Vicki Sell, mother of 3-year-old Katherine, tenses when the vendor starts ringing his little bell, over and over, hoping her daughter doesn’t have the typical Pavlovian response.

Ever since Katherine had an inconsolable meltdown about not being able to have a treat, Ms. Sell has been trying to have unlicensed vendors ousted from the park. She has repeatedly called the city’s 311 complaint hot line, joining parents nationwide who can’t stand the icy man or his motorized big brother, the ice cream man.

Yes, we appear to have gotten to the point in our society that we must ban the ice cream man because mommies can not say no to their little kids.

No wonder we want the government to take care of our health care.

Update:  Vicki Sell, the woman interviewed in the article, clarifies her position in the comments.  I think she’s owed an apology by the Times.  My point about the nanny state is still important, but in this particular case, the point is aimed at the wrong person and the wrong issue.


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