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Sleep Deprivation and Control

Still getting a handle on things.  Training was going pretty well, I was getting used to the early AM training and building some consistency.

Then comes daylight savings time, which is probably the best example of a pointless government intrusion in to your life.

Whatever, it’s still an excuse.  So my sleep got screwed up, and my routine got a little jumbled due to trying to do some fun stuff (a wine tasting and the Baltimore Foodies event at the Hippodrome).

I need to keep after the sleep schedule thing; I know from past experience that if I can build that 4:15 wake time habit, my sleep needs will diminish, making everything easier to handle.

I also just need to man up and stick with training in the AM.  I also need to balance some things to make sure I’m really doing things that add value to my life.  So with the AM training, I’m also working on spending more time cooking and drinking wine with my wife, and a little less time worrying about political news, blogging, and other extra stuff.

Once I get everything really settled (probably a month or so), I think I’ll be able to get more done.


Productivity Tip: Early to Rise

Improving your productivity is more than just implementing solid processes, it’s building solid habits. One of the most important habits I’ve built to improve my productivity by gaining time is to standardize the hour I wake/rise every morning.

A consistent early start time will improve your productivity. While not everyone is productive at the same times of day, and not everyone’s work conforms to early rising in a traditional sense, moving your wake up time earlier should result in more productivity, regardless of your schedule. I happen to wake at 4:55AM every day; my work day can start at 6AM (many of the folks I work with are also in the office that early, and on days I’m on the road, I’m often headed out the door earlier than that).

So here’s what I do…

I set my Blackberry alarm to go off every morning at 4:55. I don’t have a set routine every morning as I often have to get up and get out the door right away to get somewhere; but on the days I don’t have an early AM meeting, it’s pretty standard.

When the alarm beeps, I turn it off, take a big deep breath, stretch, and get up. Even if I don’t want to get up. Even if I was up until 12:30. Up. Now. Continue reading

Bad Study

I don’t understand how this crap gets published.

Experts say a spectrum of natural sleeping and waking rhythms exists, ranging from extreme morning people to extreme “night owls.”

A new study examines how morning people compare with night owls on a strength test and looks at what other physiological processes may contribute to their performance.

Researchers tested participants’ leg muscle strength at various points in the day. They looked at nine “early birds” and nine “night owls,” who were classified as such based on a questionnaire.

Surprisingly, morning people’s strength tends to remain constant throughout the day, but night owls have peak performance in the evening, said researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada.

“We thought that morning people would be better at this in the morning, but they never changed,” said study co-author Olle Lagerquist, a Ph.D. candidate in neurophysiology at the University of Alberta.

n=18?? Self classified??  Please.  Absolutely meaningless, other than perhaps pointing out that this might be something that should be studied using a meaningful study.  This one, though, should have been completely ignored by the press.  One more lesson, I guess, that science you see in the mainstream press should be examined with a critical eye (global warming, HFCS, etc)

By the way, I went from being a night owl to morning person.  It wasn’t that hard, and made a pretty big difference in my productivity.  While I tend to lose steam in the afternoon (which is when I usually train, so I’m a big fan of Monster), I often perk up late at night and can be pretty creative. 

One other thing:  don’t let this kind of article keep you from finding what’s optimal for you.

Via Lifehacker

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