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Baltimore City Official a Little Misleading About Snow Removal

My block was cleared today. For 13 days, it was impassable.  We (many of the residents) did our best to get as many of the cars out as possible, using a large SUV to pack the snow down for about 2/3rds of the block, digging it out as it got stuck every few feet.  As is often the case during events like this, we engaged the neighborhood, talked to people we only waved to before, and even had a little fun.

I’ve been pretty vocal on Twitter that the city had done nothing until today to clear the block.  The street is one way, and we cleared the ‘bottom’, so most of us had to back up the street to park.   This actually worked out fine, as no one trying to find a parking spot who didn’t live here would think to do that, so we didn’t have issues with parking spots.  We also worked together to make sure that folks had spots, letting folks block garages as long as we knew we could call them to move if someone had to leave.

There was a story in the Baltimore Sun addressing the slow cleanup this morning.  I understand this was a historic snowstorm, and I know there’s only so much the city can do.  The frustration for us was twofold.  First, city leaders kept telling us how well they were doing, that X% of streets were ‘clear’, which was clearly not true to anyone actually driving on the streets.  Second, there were efforts to clear streets closed to vehicle traffic, and special efforts to clear churches and schools before some streets were passable at all, putting into question the prioritization of snow removal efforts. Continue reading


One really good thing about all this snow

Congress can’t get in to work.

Bring on another 20 inches.

Blizzard of 2010

A couple of pics from what appears to be the biggest snowstorm to ever hit Baltimore.

Snow day pic

The snow is a little more than one dog deep.


Calling out local weather forecasters

Mr Foot rightly calls out local weather folks, as is kids yet again accurately predict something they missed.

What did they receive? Slightly more than a dusting, Mr. Bass of Baltimore’s CBS Channel 13 WJZ. Slightly more than “just this much” as shown in an index and thumb together hand gesture by another local forecaster. Gentlemen, the public deserves better; members of your TV audience are more satisfied obtaining their weather from high school students. Perhaps that is the way it should be. Unless the public sees changes to TV forecasting procedures for the next storm, my relatives in Crisfield, MD can cook up a nice dish of crow, with Old Bay seasoning, if necessary.
Think that’s too hard-hitting? Care to hold us accountable for the forecast? We welcome your perspective on this issue, for or against. Please share your thoughts on our facebook page or in the comments below.
You tell ’em.  I know I’ve been paying more attention to these kids than the pros.


Today’s snowstorm could be in the top 3 in Baltimore.

Foot’s Forecast says 28 inches, which would be behind only the February 2003 storm.

During the 2003 storm, we were stuck at home for 2 or 3 days, but that storm was over 3 days.  Nice thing about living in the city, we’re walking 3 blocks up the street to a friend’s house for drinks and dinner, and hosting some neighbors tomorrow.  Makes it fun.  (It helps many of us work from home.)

Slow down a little and enjoy your friends and family today.

Things I saw today

Here’s a list of things I saw today at the Safeway in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.  Please keep in mind there is a local panic because it is going to snow tomorrow.

  • A hipster who was dumbfounded by all of the choices in the frozen juice section
  • A woman using her Independence Card while talking on her iPhone in line
  • A man in the “Express” line (15 items or less) with about 30 things, and a near riot starting behind him in line
  • 34 people in lines to check out, 22 of whom had both milk and toilet paper in their carts (I couldn’t see if they also had bread, many did).   The rest of us were in the “Express” lines behind the guy with too many things and the woman who is too poor to eat but can afford an iPhone

Heading off to the gym!

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