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Another quick training update

Wrist is improving, but not 100%.  Was excited to start some cardio, carry it through next week, and get back on track with my plan next weekend (Jan 15th or so).

This morning, while walking the dog in a bit of snow, I rolled my ankle on a gap in the sidewalk (that I couldn’t see because of the snow.)  I don’t think it’s all that serious, but I haven’t taken my boot off yet.  Probably just a little sprain, but enough to keep me from doing much of anything now for a couple more days. 

Maybe some cardio Monday.  It’s a great week to get some done, I’ve got a work thing that will have me tied up during the day and into the evening, so getting back on track with the AM cardiac training is the only thing I’ll be able to do, anyway.

Hopefully I’m getting all of this out of the way for the year now.


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