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Want Success?

There’s something successful people, in whatever pursuit have in common.  They decide, then they do.  They don’t decide and then half ass, they don’t decide and then come up with excuses.

Everything, every activity, every thought is focused on the thing.

I came across this post from Rob the Bouncer today, and was reminded of just how this works.  (If you are not familiar with Rob Fitzgerald, you should be.)

During that conversation, which took place in April 2011, Chris told me he’d only given up his original plans—he has a masters degree in education and was coaching wrestling at Hofstra University—because he intended to become the UFC middleweight champion.

With most guys, I hear things like this and think, “Okay, dude. Good luck with that.” With Chris, however, there was something about the way he said it. I’ve been around sports my whole life—including boxing and MMA—and this wasn’t delusional positive self-talk or empty shit-talking. The guy had a plan, and doing what he’s about to do tomorrow night was part of it.

He gave up his CAREER.  He and his wife lived with his parents.  All in pursuit of the thing.  The people he beats?  They didn’t work as hard, or want it as much as he did.

The same is true for all of us, whatever the thing may be.  Want to lose 20 pounds?  If every decision you make starts with ‘will this help me lose 20 pounds?” and you stick to the plan, you will do it.  Want to make more money?  Want to get promoted?  Want to have a better relationship?  Want to bench 400 pounds?  Want to take your life back?  They all require the same approach.

And if you don’t get what you say you want?  You didn’t really want it.  You are responsible.



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