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Tasted: 2008 Salvador Poveda “Centacion” Monastrell

2008 Salvador Poveda “Centacion” Monastrell
Appellation:  Alicante
Tasting Notes: 100% Monastrell. 14.0% ABV. Dark violet in the glass.  Nose is candied red fruit, dust, and some cedar, smells like an old fruit rollup, but not unpleasant.  At first, I taste lots of red fruit, then overwhelming sweet tannins, a little cedar, then back to the fruit rollup on the finish, but dusty and dry. Disjointed. Interesting, but disappointing.   Seller said this would be one for lovers of cabs and big Bordeaux;  I would say that is true if one loves bad Bordeaux. Was $8.99, will not buy again, and probably will dump this bottle out unless my wife likes it.
Rating: 2/5;  8/20;  74/100
Price: $8.99 at Bin 604 (Baltimore, MD)

A note on ratings:  I use the 100 point rating for Cellartracker, even though my palate is still developing.  As a statistics geek, I know that the variability in scores works itself out as the number of scores increases.  However, my score may not be yours, or Robert Parker’s.  I much prefer to use a 5 point (or star, or whatever you want to call it) scale, as it more represents my reaction to wine, which is more simple than a 100 point scale represents.  I like the 20 point scale as the more detailed score.   On this site, I will provide all three, although the most meaningful are the 5 and 20 point ratings.

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Dorothy and John say goodbye

Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher have written their last column for the Wall Street Journal.

They were my earliest and biggest influence when it comes to discovering wine.  They had a significant impact on not only what I drink, but how I enjoy life; the first people telling readers to trust their own palates.  I don’t know if they know how much good they brought to the readers of the WSJ, but I am grateful and wish them nothing but the best.

Here’s the bottom line: Wine isn’t a spectator sport. It’s utterly intimate. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should like, including us. Try wines broadly—there have never been so many good ones, at all prices, on shelves—and keep raising your personal bar for what is truly memorable, so that you are always looking for the next wine that will touch your soul and make you feel you’ve gone someplace you’ve never been before. It’s not about delicious wines. It’s about delicious experiences. May your life be filled with them.

Hopefully for their readers, they will still write about wine, just somewhere else.  I hear this internet thing is taking off.

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