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Makes sense, to a simpleton

Baltimore City is desperate to increase its tax base.  The city needs to draw in middle and high income residents who buy homes and pay property and income taxes.

Naturally, the best way to draw those people into the city is to raise the income tax.

The council signaled approval Monday for four measures proposed by Rawlings-Blake: An increase in the income tax rate from 3.05 to 3.20 percent; a 4 percent bump in the parking tax rate; small hikes in taxes on telephone lines; and the end of a discount for some early payments on property taxes. The measures are slated for a third and final vote next Monday, but the second vote indicates broad support from council members.

By the way, ending a discount for early payment of taxes is a tax increase.  A property tax increase, in Baltimore City.

Apparently, other than police and fire, there are no other possible cuts in spending.  We do own a lovely hotel and the Senator Theater, though.

We remain governed by simpletons.  It’s time to replace the city council, unfortunately, politics in Baltimore is all about the Democrat party and their power structure.

But who are they going to tax when the people who have incomes and wealth leave?

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