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From The Playbook

Al-Qaeda is on a path to defeat.

Maybe we should consider not spying on Americans, adjust “security”, and threaten to defund some of those efforts.

Uh-oh!  Terrorists!

And the American public keeps falling for it.

I wonder sometimes if folks on the Right understand what they are saying

Does Michelle Malkin realize this:

If there’s any “misunderstanding,” it’s not from the air marshals who took their jobs seriously, it’s from the arrogant jerk who thinks treating national security with sarcastic shoebomb jokes when questioned by our homeland security watchdogs has any place at all on a plane in flight over American skies.

is not any different than restricting the speech of people against, say, Obamacare, by calling it racist or violence provoking.

The diplomat from Qatar smoked a cigarette in the lavatory of an airplane.  *GASP*.  Yes, it’s a Federal Crime, but I’m not sure why, exactly.  And from what I read, detaining him, scrambling fighter jets, and holding the other passengers hostage for an hour looks like a pretty big overreaction to a poorly timed joke by a guy who snuck a smoke.

Which is, I’m pretty sure, what the terrorists wanted.


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