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Simple Questions

But questions very few Obama supporters want to address:

Why didn’t Obama implement his plan to fix the mess he inherited (ignore for a moment that he spent a lot of time, energy, and money trying to get the job) when the Democrats had control of the House and Senate?

How is his failure to implement his plan anything other than a clear failure of his leadership?

Why do you think he will be any better now?

More questions for Obama supporters here.


Well done, RNC

If you pay any attention at all to what I say, you know that I am not a Republican.  While I most certainly do not support President Obama in his reelection bid, I will not vote for Mitt Romney either, as I believe they are two sides of the same coin.  (I’m supporting Gary Johnson, who, while certainly not perfect, at least will stop killing innocent people in the pursuit of the wars on drugs and terror.)

I also don’t pay as much attention to the partisan back and forth as I once did.  I used to be a political junkie, interested in not only the messages, but the political machinery as well.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the machine is a big part of the problem.

Alas, I do appreciate a really good political message.  This is one of them.  Take two minutes.

In 2008, the only thing people had were the words.  This time, there’s a record.  Yet we’re getting the same words.

I remain convinced President Obama will be reelected.  If the RNC is to prove me wrong, they will need more of this, because this is pretty powerful.

There is no room for idolatry in a free country

Excellent comparison of the worship of Joe Paterno and the worship of The Greatest President of All Time.

When people by in to a legend, they become incapable of seeing the truth. Anything which could shatter the legend is willfully ignored. Not just because it would destroy the legend itself, but also because it would mean the person’s investment into said legend would have been false from the beginning.

This is so obvious among Obama supporters.  Not one can answer this question.  None hold him accountable for essentially being the third term of the Bush presidency.  None hold him accountable for the economy.

They call his position on gay marriage “evolved”.  It is the exact same position held by the one true evil, Dick Cheney, while he was Vice President.

He can do no wrong in their eyes.

That’s really, really dangerous.

One Simple Question

Well, OK, it’s a fourteen part question, but a great one, at that.

If a Republican in 2008 had run promising to do the following things:

(1) Codify indefinite detention into law;

(2) draw up a secret kill list of people, including American citizens, to assassinate without due process;

(3) proceed with warrantless spying on American citizens;

(4) prosecute Bush-era whistleblowers for violating state secrets;

(5) reinterpret the War Powers Resolution such that entering a war of choice without a Congressional declaration is permissible;

(6) enter and prosecute such a war;

(7) institutionalize naked scanners and intrusive full body pat-downs in major American airports;

(8) oversee a planned expansion of TSA so that its agents are already beginning to patrol American highways, train stations, and bus depots;

(9) wage an undeclared drone war on numerous Muslim countries that delegates to the CIA the final call about some strikes that put civilians in jeopardy;

(10) invoke the state-secrets privilege to dismiss lawsuits brought by civil-liberties organizations on dubious technicalities rather than litigating them on the merits;

(11) preside over federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries;

(12) attempt to negotiate an extension of American troops in Iraq beyond 2011 (an effort that thankfully failed);

(13) reauthorize the Patriot Act

(14) and select an economic team mostly made up of former and future financial executives from Wall Street firms that played major roles in the financial crisis

would you have considered voting for him/her?  If not, how do you justify your continued support for President Obama, given He has done all of the above?

That’s why He won’t run on his record, but then, if you’re still going to vote for Him, He certainly doesn’t have to run on much of anything, does He?

Straw Woman

Thomas Sowell nicely summarizes the truth about the fabricated ‘war on women’.

Not content with dividing classes and races, the Obama campaign is now seeking to divide the sexes by declaring that women are being paid less than men, as part of a “war on women” conducted by villains, from whom Obama and company will protect the women — and, not incidentally, expect to receive their votes this November.

The old — and repeatedly discredited — game of citing women’s incomes as some percentage of men’s incomes is being played once again, as part of the “war on women” theme.

Since women average fewer hours of work per year, and fewer years of consecutive full-time employment than men, among other differences, comparisons of male and female annual earnings are comparisons of apples and oranges, as various female economists have pointed out. Read Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Hudson Institute or Professor Claudia Goldin of Harvard, for example.

When you compare women and men in the same occupations with the same skills, education, hours of work, and many other factors that go into determining pay, the differences in incomes shrink to the vanishing point — and, in some cases, the women earn more than comparable men.

But why let mere facts spoil the emotional rhetoric or the political ploys to drum up hysteria and collect votes?

Facts are not important.  Putting people in easily identifiable little groups to be pandered to is important, especially when your single most impressive skill is being a politician.

Serious Reservations

When our Dear Leader signed the latest defense bill in to law, he expressed serious reservations about the power of the executive branch.  His reservations?  That the bill tried to limit the Executive’s power to detain people without due process.

President Obama ended 2011 by signing a major defense bill, despite what he called “serious reservations” about provisions regarding interrogations of terrorist suspects, sanctions against Iran, and relations with Russia.

“Some in Congress continue to insist upon restricting the options available to our counter-terrorism professionals and interfering with the very operations that have kept us safe,” Obama said in a statement issued from Hawaii, where he is spending his end-of-the-year vacation.

All this Change ™.  He’s continued the ‘failed policies’ of the previous administration.. and in some cases went further (for all his faults, George W. Bush didn’t assassinate a US citizen, The One did.)

People who continue to support this administration for any reason related to civil rights are fools.


I can’t help but laugh

At amateur hour in the White House.

Can you imagine the uproar if W had done this?


On Why the President Should Read What His Auto Pen Signs

President Obama on tax breaks for corporate jets:

I think it’s only fair to ask an oil company or a corporate jet owner that has done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys.

Whoopsie.  Amateur hour continues.

Us? Not Hostile

The Obama Administration, in defending itself against a small group of legislators who dared suggest the President needs to consult with Congress before attacking another nation, suggests that firing missiles and airstrikes are not hostile enough to meet the criteria of the Constitution or War Powers Act.  From the Right Wing Conspiracy leaders, the New York Times:

The White House, pushing hard against criticism in Congress over the deepening air war in Libya, asserted Wednesday that President Obama had the authority to continue the military campaign without Congressional approval because American involvement fell short of full-blown hostilities.

In a 38-page report sent to lawmakers describing and defending the NATO-led operation, the White House said the mission was prying loose Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s grip on power.

In contending that the limited American role did not oblige the administration to ask for authorization under the War Powers Resolution, the report asserted that “U.S. operations do not involve sustained fighting or active exchanges of fire with hostile forces, nor do they involve U.S. ground troops.” Still, the White House acknowledged, the operation has cost the Pentagon $716 million in its first two months and will have cost $1.1 billion by September at the current scale of operations.

I am a bit concerned this is the position of the Greatest President Of All Time, and a supposed Constitutional Scholar.  Looks more to me like a position the previous occupant of the White House might have held, a position The Greatest President Of All Time might have referred to as ‘failed policy’.

This looks more and more like a third term of the Bush Administration.

Opportunism vs Idealism

Lee Stranahan and I do not agree on a number of subjects.  We once had an argument on Twitter about healthcare, but have since made up upon realizing everything can either be blamed on George W. Bush or Gay Marriage.

This blog post of his is an example of someone who certainly leans Left who actually figured it out

The Republicans in Congress are going to get a lesson here, pretty soon.  Raising the amount of money the Federal Government spends (which is what the budget they want to pass does) is most certainly not why they won in 2010.  The lesson is going to come from idealists, who are starting to get a little rambunctious.

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