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Coming soon, I promise

Another big gap in posts, if you read regularly, I apologize. If you don’t read regularly, well, you haven’t missed anything.

Training and blogging took a back seat to working this week, that’s the way it goes sometimes. Another busy week on tap next week, but should get back on track with training at least.

Some blog posts coming, I promise. There’s too much to say on Baltimore City government and the Mayor’s staff (her chief of staff is taking a paid leave of absence because he’s charged with domestic abuse. Paid. He makes $145k a year or something. But they can’t afford to come pick up my trash twice a week.) Also a couple of reviews, one of Charleston, one of a Baltimore Foodies wine dinner at the Wine Market.

And training posts, of course.

I also have some article ideas for the building wealth and personal development series, just need to sit down and crank them out.

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