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Good at taking reports, but not so much at doing something with them.

The Baltimore Sun reports the results of a police survey:  good at taking the police report, maybe not so much at following up.

A related anecdote:

My neighbor’s truck was broken into in August of last year.  The little thieving bastards got his garage door opener, opened the garage, and stole a motor scooter.  It was, as far as he knew, never recovered, and he purchased a replacement.

I ran into him this week.  After more than 6 months, the police called to inform him they recovered his scooter the day after it was stolen.  It apparently had run out of gas, and the little thieving bastard abandoned it.  Since August, the stolen scooter has been sitting, exposed to the elements, in a city impound lot.  There was minimal damage done to the scooter in the process of being stolen, and significant damage done while it sat outside for 6 months.

Six.  Months.  To have someone match up a report of a stolen scooter and a scooter matching that description, with that serial number, sitting in a city parking lot.

Really, how hard can this be?

(Disclosure:  My experience with an assault was positive from a response standpoint, but I don’t recall if the arresting officers were ever present in court, as the defendant never went to trial, due to a mutually agreed upon alcohol treatment program.  My experience with the investigation of a number of home invasions near my old house was positive from an investigation standpoint, but I have no idea if there were any convictions.  My experience in the few cases I’ve called police or known someone who did, the response and professionalism of BPD officers has been very good.)

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