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Out of Commission

Saw the doc to follow up on my broken toes today.  I don’t have to “buddy tape” them any longer, but he insisted I wear a “post op shoe” (one of those blue velcro shoes).  The sole of that shoe won’t flex or something.

Naturally, I will ignore this, and wear normal shoes to work and drive.  I’ll keep “buddy taping” at night and in flexible shoes. 

Next follow up is in 4 weeks.  No real prescription on activity, other than the shoe.  I’m trying to stay off of it today, but that’s probably it.

Lots going on with work, right now I’m balancing the new job with the old one, and that will continue for a while.  the new job is going to be a change, as I won’t work from home nearly as much, but the office is close to the gym, so I’ll just need to figure out the right schedule.  I’m going to get back in as soon as I can to do something, knowing that I can’t really put weight on my foot.

I’m expecting the foot recovery to take the full four weeks, which gets us in to the holidays, and a trip out West, so most likely training won’t be back on track until January. 

Not real happy about that, but not much I can do.  Pushing things now will only prolong healing up.

Writing/blogging has also been on the back burner.  I haven’t written anything for Bleacher Report or The Grand Crew for quite some time.  Again, with the new job, I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to keep up with that; I’ll probably have to schedule writing time instead of what I do now, which is read and write when I have the time during the day (like now).  I’m still passionate about doing it, but need to focus on the day job for now.


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