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Nation Building

Words can not do the photos in this link justice.  Before you click, however, know they are graphic.

I hope those responsible are treated accordingly, but I fear they will not.

I also don’t know how you hold everyone who voted for George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama accountable.


I’m confused

I thought the Obama administration was going to Change ™ all of the failed policies of the Bush administration, like detaining, torturing, and then denying the return back to the US of a US citizen.

He still does not know why he was detained and beaten, nor does he know what is happening to him now.  Indeed, although Mazzetti writes that he was detained and beaten by Kuwait captors, Mohamed actually has no idea who was responsible, and told me that at least some of the people interrogating him spoke English.  He has been told that he will be deported back to the U.S., but is now on a no-fly list and has no idea when he will be released.  American officials told Mazzetti that “Mr. Mohamed is on a no-fly list and, for now at least, cannot return to the United States.”  He’s been charged with no crime and presented with no evidence of any wrongdoing.

It doesn’t matter who is in charge, they will abuse power if we continue to give it to them.

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