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Baltimore settles secret lawsuit

How is this possible?

The city Board of Estimates this week approved a secret $200,000 settlement to a person who had sued the Baltimore Police Department, saying the terms and name would be kept confidential to avoid “unfair damage to the career and reputation of the plaintiff.”

Officials disclosed the amount Friday and said that the figure was wrongly left off the agenda by the comptroller’s office. But George Nilson, the city solicitor, provided the amount and said the city agreed not to discuss the details of case. He called the secret nature of the settlement “extreme” but with good reason.

“It was an honest mistake, quite clearly, that resulted in unfortunate and unintended harm to a citizen’s reputation,” Nilson said. “The community reached a cruelly wrong conclusion about this individual, based on this mistake, and this individual was harmed in personal and professional ways. I’m just not going to participate in furthering that unfortunate harm.”

Nilson said in his three years as city solicitor, such a private settlement was a first, and he did not anticipate the city handling future claims in a similar manner. He also said the plaintiff was not a city resident, but he declined to provide additional details, citing the settlement agreement.

The five-member board approved the payout at its meeting Wednesday. The board meets weekly to approve city spending, including legal settlement payments.Ryan O’Doherty, a spokesman for Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake, said the plaintiff “demanded confidentiality as part of the settlement agreement. Had we not provided that, the cost of the settlement may very well have been higher.”

“We’ve attempted to provide as much transparency as possible within the confines” of the settlement, he said.

Baltimore City has settled a lawsuit where they will not name the plaintiff, will not name the tort, and will not discuss the details, other than the amount of MY MONEY they used, $200,000

Couldn’t sell watermelons

How does this go virtually unreported?  The great journalist (and make upper of facts) Dan Rather

he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.

Chris Matthews, as you would expect, called him out for being a racist.  Oh, no he didn’t.  But I’m sure Olbermann will, given his facination with the racism of people who are not MSNBC.

Even if this was in the context of ‘what others might say’, how do you come up with this analogy???

And how do you get away with it?

Cognitive dissonance

Senator Ben Cardin’s comments on the 2011 federal budget presented by the White House.

As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I look forward to exploring the details of this budget with Administration officials to ensure that it supports broad initiatives that will spur job growth and uphold the priorities important to Marylanders without adding to our long-term debt.


How is this possible?

Man, 21, gets 5 years jail time after pleading guilty to sexual contact with a 12 year old girl.

According to Karczynski’s plea agreement, Karczynski contacted a young girl living in Glen Burnie, Maryland on Myspace.com around October 2008, who he learned was 12 years old. They continued to converse over the Internet on Myspace.com and Gaiaonline.com websites, and spoke and texted each other on their cell phones. They discussed meeting to have sex.

Karczynski flew to BWI airport on March 27, 2009 and met the girl at Marley Station Mall around 9:45 p.m. Karczynski and the girl “made out” while they watched a movie in the theater. They met again at the mall the next day and had sexual contact during another movie. Karczynski wanted the girl to come back with him to the hotel he was staying at in Baltimore, but the girl refused.

On March 29, 2009, the girl’s mother found a text message on her daughter’s cell phone from Karczynski referring to the sexual contact at the theater. Shortly thereafter, the mother answered a call on the cell phone and a male voice stated “hey cutie can you talk.” The caller hung up after the mother asked who was calling. The girl’s mother contacted Anne Arundel County police. The call was traced to the hotel where Karczynski was staying and he was arrested that day at the hotel.

But a Hagerstown man gets 10 years for pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake sentenced Jerome Andre Broadus, age 33, of Hagerstown, Maryland, late yesterday to 10 years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release, after Broadus pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

The sentence was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein, Special Agent in Charge Ava Cooper-Davis of the Drug Enforcement Administration – Washington Field Division and the Washington County Narcotics Task Force led by Washington County Sheriff Douglas Mullendore, Hagerstown Police Chief Arthur Smith and Washington County State’s Attorney Charles P. Strong.

According to his guilty plea, from 2008 through April 2009, Broadus conspired with others to distribute crack cocaine and powder cocaine in Hagerstown, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Broadus obtained the narcotics from suppliers and sold the narcotics to his own customers, some of whom would in turn sell the drugs themselves.

During 2008, agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Washington County Narcotics Task Force (WCNTF) conducted an investigation into the drug activities of associates of Broadus. During April and May 2008, DEA and WCNTF worked with a confidential informant to make controlled purchases of crack cocaine from an associate of Broadus. Beginning in September 2008 and continuing until October 2008, law enforcement agents overheard the associate engaging in drug-related conversations with Broadus during which the two would discuss possible drug deals.

On September 15, 2008, in response to requests from a DEA confidential informant for three ounces of crack cocaine, the associate met with Broadus in Broadus’s car in Hagerstown. DEA agents previously had overheard conversations between the associate and Broadus making arrangements to meet so that the associate would be able to obtain from Broadus “three” of an unspecified item, which agents believed was three ounces of crack cocaine. Law enforcement officers watched the meeting, then detained the Broadus and the associate. A search of Broadus’s car recovered three ounces of crack cocaine (approximately 90 grams).

During the course of Broadus’s involvement in the conspiracy, he was responsible for the distribution of at least 5 kilograms of powder cocaine and at least 150 grams of crack cocaine.

I can’t be the only person who thinks there is something horribly wrong with this.

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