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Questions I Ask

After a horrific deadly crash, there’s concern that school bus drivers could be on the road with kids in a bus while the MVA is processing a license downgrade or suspension, and there’s no process to alert the driver’s employer or the school system.

The question I, as a libertarian, ask:  Could a private organization solve this problem more effectively than a government organization?

I think the answer might be ‘yes’.  Private certification, requiring the driver provide contact information for their employer, notification processes, and more stringent certification processes, could all happen, and be more effective.  With an added bonus – accountability.  I certainly expect the driver’s estate and his employer will face lawsuits, but the MVA won’t.  A private certification organization charged with this responsibility would also be accountable (making it perhaps more likely they get it right, because they have a profit motive.)

I doubt anyone will ask the question, though.  Instead the question will be ‘what law or regulation can we pass that would prevent this’, even though existing regulations should have.  No one will consider that government isn’t the solution.




Is this the NFL

I was watching NFL Gameday tis morning, while they were discussing Cam Newton, and his recent complaints of being teated differently than other quarterbacks.

The discussion mostly revolved around the idea that Cam Newton, as a young star quarterback, must be protected.

My only thought was “are they talking about football?”  This is professional football, and the major pre game show is talking about the importance of making sure a player doesn’t get tackled.

I’m not wondering as much why ratings are down.

Three Reasons

There are three reasons I’m looking forward to a Donald Trump Presidency

  1. Left/Liberals are at their funniest when they lose.  No one plays the victim better, and they just get so upset.
  2. Entertainment value.  Seriously.
  3. A Trump presidency will force Republicans to either denounce their supposed ideals, and be honest about the fact that they are essentially just as in favor of big government, intervention in the private sector, and against liberty as the Democrats are – OR – they’ll fight Trump just as much as they would fight Clinton, leading to Gridlock.  I think it far more likely the former, and a moment of honesty would be good for everyone.  I also think it would destroy the Republican party, and from its ashes could rise a party (or parties) that better reflect historical classical liberal ideals.

There are three reasons I’m looking forward to a Hillary Clinton Presidency:

  1. Gridlock.  Absolutely nothing will get done in Washington, because Republicans in Congress will spend all of their time trying to remover her from office.  Nothing getting done is about the best someone with my philosophy can hope.
  2. She probably won’t start a nuclear war.
  3. President Tim Kaine.  Let’s all have a moment of honesty here (remember, honesty is good):  of the 4 people at the top of the major party Presidential tickets, he’s the one best suited for the Presidency.  And she’s not going to make it 4 years – there’s more coming on the Clinton Foundation, and with Congress going after her, they’ll find something.  (I also think they’ll find things on the last two or three Presidents, and I fear they may find things that severely damage national security).

On November 8, I’ll be continuing my long standing tradition of voting for someone who won’t win.  Luckily, it doesn’t really matter that much.

This Week in Training

I’m a couple days late updating this week in training.  Here goes!

On the 7th, I did SSB goodmornings, just up to 225 for a single.  Then RDLs, TKEs, and incline situps.

On the 9th, I did 2 board presses, working up to 305 for a double.  Pretty happy with that.  Then I did DB inclines, Hammer Strength Pulldowns, Face Pulls, and pressdowns.

On the 14th, I did Box Squats, 10 sets of 2 with 235 and a light band, about a minute between sets.  Then I deadlifted, 6 singles with 335, then 365 for a pretty easy double, each set with about 30 seconds rest.  After that, I did reverse hypers and incline situps.

On the 15th, I benched.  8 sets of 3 with 185 plus a set of chains, all sets with less than a minute rest.  Then I did 4 board presses, DB rows, Lateral raises, and some tricep work.

I trained this morning, but you’ll have to wait for that until next week.


This Week In Training

What’s up!

Been a while, huh?  Well, I’ve been busy, and blogging has seemed like a dead medium to me lately.  But I’d like to get back in the habit, so here’s a shot.  We’ll see ho wlong this lasts.

Training has been inconsistent because of business and because I’ve had a nagging shoulder issue.  I’ve reprioritized my time a bit to deal with work, and the shoulder thing is still there, but I’ve made some adjustments to work around it.

Here’s my training from the last week.

Tuesday 5/24

Buffalo Bar Low Box Squat, worked up to a pretty easy single at 325, then did RDLs, Band TKE’s and abs.

Thursday, 5/26

2 Board Presses, worked up and hit 275 for a single, 285 for a single, and then, just for kicks, hit 295 for a double. After that, I did incline DB presses, incline elbows out extensions, Hammer Strength pulldowns, pressdowns, and band pull aparts.

Friday, 5/27

Box squat, 8 sets of 2 with about a minute between sets with 225 and a light band, then singles with 275 and 315 and the bands.  Then I deadlifted, 8 singles with 315, with 30 seconds rest.  Then I did roller reverse hypers and abs.

Monday, 5/30

Bench pressed, 8 sets of 3, less than a minute rest, three grips, with 185 plus one set of chains, then 225 plus chains and 245 plus chains for singles.  Then I did 4 board presses, DB rows, lateral raises, pressdowns, and hammer curls.

The USAPL MD State Championships are going to be early this year, in August.  Not sure yet if that timing works (I have a vacation scheduled in August.  But for now I’m training like that’s my next meet.


Sheiko #29 Week 2 Day 5

Today is the day of the misload.  I misread my log and was using the weights for next Monday for squats, and just brain farted when loading the bench press.  Both were too heavy, so I guess that’s OK, but that made today harder than it should have been.

Made for a rough day – I also didn’t get enough sleep last night.  And as much as I wanted to just quit, I got everything done.

Squat (with what the weight was supposed to be next to it)

225×5 (205)

265×4 (245)

2×3 @ 305 (285)

3×2 @ 345 (325) (At this point I realized my mistake)

2×2 @ 325

Bench Press



2×3 @ 225

2×2 @ 265 (260)




DB Fly




2×5 @ 245

4×4 @ 285

Good Morning



Sheiko #29, Week 2, Day 3

When I look in the log book, today looks kind of easy; deadlifts and benching.

It’s not.

Deadlift to Knees



2×3 @ 305

4×2 @ 330

Bench Press


2×6 @ 195

4×6 @ 210

DB Press


Deadlift from boxes



2×4 @ 330

4×4 @ 350



Added in some bat wings and rear delt raises.


Sheiko #29, Week 2, Day 1

Felt good today, even after some stiffness and knee pain yesterday from sitting on the floor too long.  Today’s challenge was time – it felt like this took forever (about 2 hours).




2×3 @ 285

5×2 @ 325

Bench Press



2×3 @ 225

5×3 @ 260

DB Fly


DB Row


Manta Ray Squat

2×3 @ 185

2×3 @ 225

4×2 @ 245

Good Morning


Sheiko #29, Week 1 Day 5

It’s great to wake up on January 1 with no hangover, well rested, and ready to go hit the gym.  After Wednesday, and having looked at the plan for today, I was concerned I would struggle with squats.  Turned out I felt great, and other than getting tired, everything felt strong and fast.

Including warmups, this took a little under two hours.

Bench Press




2×3 @ 245

2×2 @ 260

2×3 @ 245




DB Fly




2×4 @ 245

2×3 @ 285

5×5 @ 305

Seated Good Morning




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