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Training 9/17/13

Low Box Squat (hole 3)

2×5 @ 45







335×3 (PR)



Good Morning

3×8 @ 135



Side bend

2×10 @ 25


Training, 8/11/13

Bench Press

2×3 @ 45 + 1 set chain

95+chain x 3

2×3 @ 135+chain

8×3 @ 165 + 1 set chain.  less than a minute between sets, 3 grips.  Fast.  Strong.

185+chain x 1

225+chain x 1

245+chain x 1

4 Board Press




Hammer Strength Iso Row

1 plate each sidex10

2 plates x12

3 x 8  @ 3 plates

DB side lateral

3×12 @ 20

Hammer curl


2×12 @ 25




Hierarchy of Coffee

In my house, in my opinion:

1) Zeke’s Coffee (local, Baltimore, good)

2) Peet’s Coffee

3) Starbucks (I like darker roasts, but the medium blend is good, too)

4) Dunkin Donuts

An honorable mention goes to Green Mountain, which I like, but can’t find anywhere.


Training, 5/13/13

Sore and tired from yesterday’s training and garage cleanout, so just got done what needed to be done.


2×5 @ 45









3×5 @ 135

Seated hamstring curl


Incline situp


20 minutes on the treadmill.

McKinnie deal with Ravens worth almost $7 million

I think this is a pretty good signing. He’s shown he can play when properly motivated, and hopefully he’s motivated.

Training 3/24/13





DB Row

5×10 @ 50

Hammer Strength Shrugs


3×15 @ 225



Barbell Curl


Expected More

Jamie Lee Curtis expected more out of the Academy.

I knew who Seth MacFarlane was. My teenage son is a big fan. I knew what to expect. I have been the butt of his humor. I have survived his cruel, cheap jokes.

I was offended last week. As an Academy member, as the child of former Academy members and as a woman, I expected more from the best that the movie business has to offer. The Oscars are about honoring art and artists. It is not supposed to be a cheesy vaudeville show.

May I remind you, Ms. Curtis, that the Academy from which you expected ‘more’ gave an award to Roman Polanski.  You know, the guy who won’t come back to the US to serve his sentence for having sex with a child. A 13 year old girl.  And we’ll just ignore his relationship with Nastassja Kinski, which occurred when she was 15 and he was in his 40’s.

To me, a ‘boob song’ doesn’t really rank up there on the offensive scale when compared to giving awards to child rapists, so I’m not sure what you would expect from the Academy.


CNN, Not Serious

I didn’t watch any NYE coverage (we went to bed early), but I had heard Anderson Cooper would be hosting with Kathy Griffin.

Yes, Kathy Griffin.

What could go wrong?

I’m not an Anderson Cooper fan, but to his credit, he seems to take his work seriously.  Maybe I’m getting old, but what idiot at CNN thought they could put Kathy Griffin on TV and have something like this not happen?

I have an expectation of serious news channels.  Not every minute needs to be serious news, but there’s a line of professionalism that I expect they not cross.  By putting Kathy Griffin on, they crossed it.

Leave her to Comedy Central.

In a Hurry To Be Generous

So, blogging has been light of late.  Here’s a brief update:

My wife and I bought a new house.  We sold our old house much faster than anticipated (my wife happens to be a very good Realtor).  That created a challenge:  we had to complete an extensive cosmetic renovation (new kitchen, baths, refinish floors, even move some walls) within 8 weeks.

We lucked out, and the buyer of our house gave us an extra two.

But even 10 weeks is just not enough time for everything to come together perfectly.  Through some unfortunate mistakes (one big one of our own doing), we moved in to our house without a complete kitchen.  We have a range, a refrigerator, and a microwave, but no counters or sink.

So we’re roughing it a bit.  It’s hectic, but our house will be awesome when it’s completed and furnished.

Anyway, Seth Godin asks a good question in his blog post yesterday; what if instead of being in a hurry to finish, you are in a hurry to be generous.

I experienced this twice during the week leading up to Thanksgiving.  First, I met a new neighbor out walking the dog.  We chatted, she asked how things were moving along with our unpacking, I told her we were without a full kitchen.

Without hesitation, she asked if we would like to join her family for Thanksgiving if we didn’t have somewhere to go.

Nice.  Neighborly.  Generous.

But this is someone who knows a little about me; knows I can afford to live in her neighborhood, knows what kind of car I drive.

The second example was far more meaningful to me.  I was checking out at Target on Tuesday, buying several quick easy frozen meals (mostly these, which are really good!)  The clerk at the register gave me and my purchase a look, and asked with uncertainty if I was ready for Thanksgiving.

I told her (briefly) that I was buying all this convenience food because we were in the midst of a renovation.

She asked me if I had plans for Thanksgiving dinner, because if I didn’t, she would bring me a plate.

The checker.  At Target.

She didn’t know anything about me.  But this sweet person offered to bring me food on Thanksgiving.

She was in a hurry to be generous.  I’m touched and I’m humbled by her.

But I also notice something.  Something about Target.

Think about that.



Idiots in the media

Something is seriously wrong with the information in this article:

More female teens than males have attempted or considered suicide, the survey found. The rate was highest among Hispanic females, at 13.5%, and lowest among white males, at 4.6%. Students struggled with suicide more during the first two years of high school – roughly ages 14 to 16. Rates dropped off slightly when students reached junior and senior year.

Overall, the suicide rate among teens has climbed in the past few years, from 6.3% in 2009 to 7.8% in 2011, numbers which reflect the trend gaining national attention as more teen suicides are reported as a result of bullying.

So, 6 out of 100 teenagers commits suicide? Really? That can’t be correct, can it? 30 seconds on Google gets us the answer.

In 2007, suicide was the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24.1 Of every 100,000 young people in each age group, the following number died by suicide:1

  • Children ages 10 to 14 — 0.9 per 100,000
  • Adolescents ages 15 to 19 — 6.9 per 100,000
  • Young adults ages 20 to 24 — 12.7 per 100,000

Um, that’s not 6.9%. That’s .0069% in 2007. Math is the hards.

One more reason to ignore scientific reporting in the mainstream media.

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