Suicide Mission or Scorched Earth?

Robert Gibbs says the health care bill will pass by next Sunday, so maybe the Democrats are doing both?

Certainly passing the health care bill as it is now is going to lead to a Republican majority in at least one house, and possibly both, with many Democrats losing their jobs to folks campaigning to repeal the law.  It’s clearly unpopular, and while the election of Brown to replace Ted Kennedy wasn’t as earth shattering as some might think, it did foretell what will happen in many ‘safe’ Democratic districts.   So it certainly seems it’s a suicide mission.

I think the Democrats have realized, though, that even if it doesn’t pass, they are in big trouble in November.  As such, they are going to get their bills through, regardless of what the people actually want, knowing repealing the bill will be very difficult (probably impossible) until there is a new President in 2012.  So they are scorching the earth on their suicide mission.

And taking us all out in the process.


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