12/19/14, Deadlifting (ME Squat)

Had a little setback due to an inflamed SI joint (we think) due to running (we think).  That should teach me to not run unless being chased by something I can’t shoot.











Everything up to the 405 was pretty fast and felt good.  The 405 was a little bit of a grind, but I oddly felt pretty strong.  Decided to shut it down there.  I was thinking 405 would probably be an opener in May, so I’m OK with my first real heavy single pulling sumo with no gear being what I want my opener to be.  A little left in the tank, but I didn’t want to push it.

Leg Press

2pps x 20

2×15 @ 4pps

Reverse Hyper

2×8 @ 50

Pull Down Abs

2×10 @ 150

No pain.  That’s good.  I’m a little tight now (about 90 minutes after training), but no more discomfort than when I got up this morning.  I’ll do lots of stretching for the rest of the day.


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