Max Effort Bench, 2/19/15

Moved this up a day, because I actually do have to work sometimes, and tomorrow is one of those times.


Shoulder complex, shoulder stretching, setting up the rack, looking for collars.

Incline Close Grip Press

2×5 @ 45





195×3 (PR)

205×3 (PR)



240×1 (PR)

The 235 was a grind, but since the goal is to break a record, I added more weight, and got it.  The weight flies off my chest, it’s the lockout where I stall.

Fat Bar Bench Press


3×6 @ 230


7 sets of 4

Band face pull

2×15 with a light band

Band pull aparts

2×10 with a mini band

DB Extensions

2×8 @ 30

Pullover Machine

2×12 @ 70


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